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PRESTO! PRO™ Eliminated this Scuff withOne Simple Wipe! Saved the owner over one hundred bucks and at least one day without the car.

PRESTO!™ Eliminated this Scuff with One Quick and Easy Wipe. PRESTO!™ saved the owner over $100 and a couple days with the car tie-up in the shop.

PRESTO!™ was originally developed for GM, Ford and Chrysler as a 100% solids coating. 100% solids is a trade term that means this product contains no solvents, no water, no alcohol or anything else that can evaporate to pollute the atmosphere or doesn’t become part of the solid paint film. Eliminating the solvents eliminates all the diseases (from cancer to liver damage), the fire hazard and over 1 billion metric tons of air pollution caused by these paints. PRESTO!™ easily surpassed and still surpasses ALL automotive performance specifications for car paints with none of the hazards of those paints.

As a result, this is the most advanced, highest performing, longest lasting and environmentally, friendly wipe on product available anywhere. Additionally, PRESTO!™ provides the most comprehensive chemical, physical and UV protection on the market and is the ONLY product of this type that has had any of its claims verified by any independent testing laboratory.

An PRO™ old and faded quarter panel treated with PRESTO!As plastic surfaces weather, additives in the plastic or paint are washed out which create microscopic pores. As a result, the surface looks white or faded to our eyes. PRESTO!™ penetrates, fills & seals these pores restoring surface color & fighting future damage.

An PRO™ old and faded quarter panel treated with PRESTO!

Unlike other products, PRESTO!™ is so durable it lasts for years – not weeks, nor can you wash it away – ever. PRESTO!™will not wash away like wax, silicone or oil based products. PRESTO!™ penetrates and integrates into the surface so effectively, as little as one coat can restore the showroom-like appearance of your vehicle and will never flake off.

PRESTO! Gelcoat Rejuvenator™ on faded red gelcoat.

PRESTO! Gelcoat Rejuvenator™ on faded red gelcoat.

PRESTO!™ was developed & tested over 15 years before the first bottle was ever sold. Other car care products use the same old, conventional chemicals which is why they pretty much all do the same thing and last the same. We pioneered the use of new and unique, higher performing chemistry, using raw material never used for this purpose before, or since by any manufacturer anywhere. This is why NO other product can outlast or out perform PRESTO!™.

PRESTO! PRO™ on Black Plastic Bumper Trim.

PRESTO! PRO™ on Black Plastic Bumper Trim.

The PRESTO!™ product line now offers a complete range of products for use on everything from car paint to all plastics including headlights. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us or your favorite PRESTO!™ retail outlet for advice! See our Contact Us page for current information.